84436 - Near the castle

N. Lygeros

The strategic situation of the castle was relevant not only at that time of its construction but also now with a beautiful view over the sea. He recognized the style of the castle of the Middle Age. The castle was famous. And it was clear for which reason. The castle was here in front of them as it was for centuries. No system was able to destroy it. It belonged to Time. For that reason it was the perfect symbol of the resistance against barbarity. In the same place they discovered a turtle. After the symbol of resistance, it was the turn of wisdom. He touched it very kindly and he let it continue its choice. Everything was made as if he was familiar with all these events and the souls enjoyed it so much that he smiled. They were in his universe. They thought that everything was for him but his spirit already knew those elements of the past. They were in his memory of the future. The stones of the castle and the shield of the turtle were parts of the same Time. Now they were not only together but close. This gave a huge satisfaction to the souls.