84438 - In Time

N. Lygeros

To be in time, it’s always important. But this time, the things were different. It was for them, literally in Time. They were in Time. It wasn’t just a metaphor but a reality. Outside of any society, really with Mankind, even alone but in Time. The message of the castle was sunny. It was an event and even a fact with trace. That’s why the night was so stary. They realized that the signs were in relation. They weren’t independent in his mind. They belonged to the same network. It was strange because for many people and even the believers the signs were almost unique. Like a Dirac event in the empty space. But it was wrong because the signs lived connected in Time. His vision was totally different and for the souls it was a really new world. In his mind the signs were linked with the bridge of Time. In fact, this link was the bridge of Time. And near the castle it was now obvious. This discovery was related with the new world and the new cycle. Their vision had been changed. They could see now invisible things. In Time everything was deeper because it was a necessity for the love of Mankind.