84442 - Beyond the sea

N. Lygeros

Nobody says the ancient sea because it’s the same. From that time until now it’s always the same. But the sea is also always different like the sky. So beyond the sea, it’s possible to see the policyclicity of Time. Each wave of the sea is like the cycle of Time. With the wavelet analysis it’s possible to imagine the impact of the policyclicity in a more efficient way than with fractal analysis. After the mission of the Ancient site, the sea is an access to the future. In this manner you can swim in Time. But it is also possible to live in the deep history to discover some important details of the hyperstructure of Mankind. In the source place, you can see different parts of Time  which are living together in another space time. They felt the same thing in the archaeological site and in the sea. This beauty was unknown before its impact on their mentations but after it was a crucial fact for the size of their joy. Nothing was the same because everything was different. But at the same time the core of the concepts was the same.