84454 - The achievement

N. Lygeros

It’s very difficult to feel History on your body when you make it. But for your mind, when you are already prepared, it becomes something natural and it’s the same feeling for the souls. History creates moments that matter. The succession of events doesn’t make History. You need a chain of events and their tails shall construct an overlapping network which must be compatible with the creation of a new reality. So when you can feel this creation, you fill your soul with joy. That’s why you get metajoy when you are responsible of the joy of souls. They are like the instruments of music when you play with them to produce the alive score of the composer. They are always with you but they need your fingering and your mastering to be alive. The achievement is to see this in real time. And if you can do that, everything is possible. This is due to faith. For the souls, it wasn’t obvious that survivors will be able not only to restore pieces of their History. But now it’s a fact. Because even the church was the result of this achievement, this transcendental  act which is irreversible. In the village of the survivors, the souls saw the sign of the savior. Because without him this reality would be absolute.