84456 - The superhistorical impact

N. Lygeros

On his skin, the souls saw the action of the sun. And they loved his bronzage. On their souls, he discovered the action of the light. And he admired their beauty. It was a superhistorical impact. The question wasn’t just the facts of the reality but the relations between them. The impact was made with the edges of the network and not with the vertices. In this topology, it was possible to find the connection with the resistance as a part of the robustness of the graph. This impact is the analogue of what you can see in a park, where you think that you admire its natural beauty when, in fact, everything is artificial because it’s human. Barbarity always wants to avoid this human Time. Its desire is to vanish even the pieces of Humanity. And superhistory is exactly the tool to avoid this. Superhistory represents the outside support of History when Deep History constitutes the inside support. The pitch supports the chords from inside and the fingering from the outside. This combination in Time is the realisation of the mastering of the History which is not only another story but the superset of stories.