84457 - From the stories to the History

N. Lygeros

The stories are the vertices of a graph which is not always connected. The superhistory has an impact on the edges of the network. For that reason, it’s a tool which permits the transformation of the stories to the History. The souls felt the same for themselves with the savior. They were with him from the beginning but they realized only after a lot of Time that he was with them even before because it was his duty as a savior of Mankind. This realization changed their lives because after it, it was possible to create History. The pieces and the pawns don’t make the chessboard. They need a creator who is the player and the conceptor. This duality is the necessary support. Even the set of the stories can’t produce History. That’s why barbarity accepts stories but not History. History is too much for it. It’s unacceptable. History needs superhistory to resist to the attacks of barbarity. Deep History is a part of Mankind. Superhistory is a part of Time. With both of them, History is a part of Humanity and Time. This is how History is made.