84458 - The shorts of the big picture

N. Lygeros

The tremolο is a way to transform a short note to a big one because you keep its sound. The shorts don’t have length but if you put them in a playlist in one channel you can create a big picture. It’s like when you see an instrument and you think that it’s alone but when you do a zoom out you realise that it belongs to an orchestra. The short is not alone when it belongs to a channel. But it’s impossible to see the channel in the short. You need many of them to get the big picture. The shorts are short stories. The channel is the History. The crucial point is that someone doesn’t need to be in the channel to have access to the shorts. He can get them from outside and if he wants he can subscribe to the channel. With the shorts the channel becomes an open structure and it’s no more a small world. This is a paradoxe as you need the shorts to transform a small world in a big picture. And after that you need to support this opening with deep videos which are able to show the consistency of your mind and the impact of your thoughts. This part is the work of the network which is based on the connection of the graph.