84459 - The trailer of History

N. Lygeros

The trailer isn’t just a short. It’s not linear because in Time, it’s not planar. Its complexity provides a new way to see the story. Different parts of it, are used in a kind of pictorial composition in time, which is relevant for the understanding of the whole story. In this sense, the trailer is not zipped story, not even a supershort story but a superhistorical vision of the story. In that way, we can see the trailer as an application of superhistory. The small videos which are used, aren’t shorts. They are excerpts of the story and are combined in time with an unique music. So we have many small videos for the image and one unique music for the sound. We have many spatial dimensions with one temporal. This is a small universe in expansion which can produce the whole story because this is its core. The story looks like the unzipped version of the core. But it’s not exactly that. In reality, it can be considered as the extension of this core, as the image of the kernel. The trailer of History is the script of the creator, the signs of the savior, the essence of the trace.