84460 - The advice

N. Lygeros

To be consistent with the previous parts, you need the advice from a savior. This knowledge is now the thesaurus of the souls. They know that it’s an harmonic way to create reality with life. The orders aren’t essential because they are made to be immediately useful without the contribution of the freedom. On the opposite,  the advice is compatible with free willingness. They are useful when there is a need. And there is always the choice, to use them or not. This is of course more complex than an order.  And it’s logical because the order is related to the peace and to the end. The advice is related to the freedom and to the perfection. The order is at the level of tactics. It’s a move in a tsumego. The advice is at the level of strategy. It’s a decision in a yose. That’s why the advice is a contribution to life and not only a participation to the existence as an order. The notion of advice is compatible with souls but not the order. For the souls this fact was a discovery and even an application of serendipity. With him, they understood how important an advice is.