84461 - Our moments matter

N. Lygeros

When you are in the field of superhistory, you understand that our moments matter. This is a way to realize how precious the life is. This is impossible in the existence where everything is equivalent. Our moments represent the justification of the life for the souls. Life is a gift for the souls and they have to valorize it with special moments. Because life is also a pleasure for the souls, that’s why they need desire and passion. They need one more time to understand the depth of the History because it’s not just a story. Our moments are personnel events that characterize our behavior as souls in life. But for the souls it is more than that because they have the right to share it with him. The image is now close to the essential that’s why it’s a real icon and not only a simple copy. Because the essential gold is like the hub. And they understand that he will be here with them for ever. He cares about them more than for his own life because they represent his duty for Mankind and nobody can change this in the centuries and this is his deep love and his heavy beauty.