84477 - The decision

N. Lygeros

The joy of souls is not related with any psychological problem. Psychology is a social product without any relation with Humanity. Psychological operations exist of course but they are made for war. In fact, the souls don’t need this field which depends only to the bodies. There is no medicine for the souls but they need the light of faith. So the decision is simple when you have faith. The souls want essence because it’s a way to get light. This is what we see in the icons with the halo. Any waste of time is a crime against the souls. And when the souls are connected, the situation is even worst because the impact can be multiple. For him their protection is a duty. None of them can be attacked without provoking his reaction and his counterattack. It’s not a question of peace. Because it doesn’t work as a point of reference in the mind of Humanity. That’s why slavery is unacceptable. People reduce their desire and the passion to the body but those notions are characteristics of the souls. The decision is compatible with his duty. The souls don’t have to suffer. That’s all.