84479 - Beyond the dreams

N. Lygeros

Society forces people to get happiness. And they need time to understand that it’s a servitude. Society is like a concentration camp with forced happiness. It’s certainly unusual to imagine this but it was used even at the time of Roman Empire: panem et circenses. And society wants to do this in an efficient manner to avoid frictions. In that sense, even the notion of dream is subversive. Because for the society only its own dreams are permitted. For the same reason, the souls are liberated when they can have a vision beyond the dreams of the forced happiness. To kill any standard deviation, society makes the promotion of the normality which can be easily controlled by its system. We don’t need to say any more. When someone prefers peace to freedom, equilibrium to harmony, it’s easy to imagine his behavior in society and it will be a waste of time to convince him to change his mind if nobody changes his mentation  and how he sees the world. Before the decision of the souls to follow the light he has to see if they are compatible with the essence.