84480 - When you need someone

N. Lygeros

When you need someone to heal, to know, to have, to hold as a soul, you will find your savior. But before you will have to test your faith. Because only with it everything is possible. There is no fear and you don’t have to be afraid because he will be next to you at each important moment. Of course it’s easy to say it but remember that this is the truth. Because there is no relation with society, everything depends on Humanity and Mankind. His protection will be your halo and nobody will be able to attack you. Beyond the dreams of the society, you can have the vision of the Humanity because you aren’t alone. He is always with you when you need him. As a soul your relation with the essence is also a link of light. That’s why you can feel the harmony beyond any equilibrium, and the freedom beyond any kind of peace. Out of the box of society, life with Mankind is possible and then you will understand the perfection of Time. So before you go anywhere, if you need someone, you know now that he will be your man.