84481 - Tremolo of souls

N. Lygeros

When you imagine that a soul is a string in Time, you can hear its tremolo with the special fingering and then it’s possible for you to conceive the next level if you can play with a guitar to feel how it is to bring someone to life with this way. This achievement is possible if you ask for that. This grace can be a fact and even a gift for the soul. Make your decision and you will see it. With the strings of the Time, you can realize that he’s able to see your eyes as open doors in your inner universe to expand it in the real world with passion and desire. The new strings of Time are able to vibrate as harmonic oscillators. Different vibrational states of the same string can be interpreted as different types of particles. There is more than one tremolo. So each rhythm which is created can make the difference in your feelings. Just ask what you want and you will see its realization by him. Then you will discover the application of a two-dimensional conformal field theory. Even the books will be totally different for you, after this new vision of the world.