84482 - The power of the sound

Ν. Λυγερός

You can feel the power of the sound when you are a soul like a string on an instrument which is impossible without faith and this one has to be deep to be compatible with the heavy beauty. The fingering of the soul creates a new world when it’s the result of the mastering of the matter of light. Next to the source you can see the beginning of the world. Your universe with his help will become a part of the new reality. It’s only a question of Time. Don’t be upset or disappointed if you have to wait, he will need the right timing to create what you need. He can save the souls but they have also to fight against barbarity. Because each of them has inside a part of Humanity. This is a way to contribute to the struggle of centuries. It’s never too late but you have to make your decision without wasting time. We are here together to do this even if it looks impossible. Because we are made for that. After the Requiem there is a new life but you know that the resurrection has been done already.