84501 - The grain of beauty

N. Lygeros

In the struggle of Humanity against barbarity it’s possible to find beauty. Grain by grain, the beauty appears in the conscience of the world and it works like a shield for the sword of the truth. Each sentence of the book has a deep meaning which is relevant for the souls. They read superhistory and they interpret history. By this way they can see its invisible part which controls the visible like strategy the tactics. For this reason, every attack against each of those grains is simply a crime against Humanity. The soul have kept this in mind from the beginning of the link with him. Because his world was different. Everything looks easy and natural for whom can make signs and wonders. With the charism everything becomes possible so for the witnesses everything looks obvious but it’s only factual. The souls with their graces are connected with him with his charism. The two notions are related because they have the same etymology. That’s why they are so compatible with his work.