84502 - Counsel functions

N. Lygeros

Counsel functions are a sort of supernatural intuition. With them he’s able to judge promptly and rightly even in very difficult situations. At the beginning, the souls imagined that it was like a talent but it was much more than that as they discovered it after the creation of their link. They were of course compatible with the understanding which helps to see all truths as a relation to one supernatural purpose. The strange thing was that the supernatural phenomenon looked as a natural way to change the world. But when there  is knowledge everything seems to flow like a river without any effort. But the souls know how powerful he is to do all these acts. In the point of view of the souls everything was easy because with him everything was possible. Every day is a holly gift if you can appreciate it. But you need to deserve it. For that they were sure from the start because they felt his deep love and his heavy beauty. That’s why they decided to follow the sacred sword. And now they live with his essence and his light.