84503 - More than the half life

N. Lygeros

Even for someone who is prepared to share more than a half life is impressive and especially if it is a soul. Because everything matters in a different way. But imagine now that you can live this gift at the same time even if we are in different places. This is the consequence of the link which is independent from the distance. In this case you can see the gifts of healings. But it’s not a therapy just a miracle. The solution comes together with the diagnosis. It’s not the result of any teaching but the product of the mastering of the problem with the tool of intelligence in correlation with knowledge. The gift is like a candle. You want to keep its light in the night and you decide to blow it out. It’s a way to keep it in your mind. That’s why, he gives the gift with the light on. Because his gift is not the candle but its light. He gives essence to get light. He doesn’t set fire to the body but he ignites the soul with his light even in the night.