84509 - Breath of immortality

N. Lygeros

The Kiss of soul is a breath of immortality without any compromise. There is no question of safety or even security. There is no place for that in pure love. Everything is possible when you have faith and every move is a trace. Without that everything is reversible and there is no change in depth even if you see an evolution. Because the souls need a revolution of the cycle of the polycyclicity. Avoid any propaganda because every monad has its own characteristics. You always have the choice of course but the truth is not in every choice. And duality is a symmetrical relation even if the link can be more complex as a structure to live in Time. The future does not depend only from the present. It isn’t a Markov chain. The bridge between the past and the future is more relevant. Feel the breath of immortality and you will avoid the irreversible errors because your traces will change your own world. If there is no foundation don’t try to construct on the emptiness. It’s not the famous vacuity. Don’t forget that you are never alone on the path of light.