84510 - The great world

N. Lygeros

When you live with someone who permits you to be in a cocoon and you enjoy it does not mean that you have access to the great world. The reality of the great world is a fact when you have faith but it’s not obvious because it has to be revealed. Even if you say that you read a book, you can miss its deep sense and you have to study it with the help of someone who already masters it. Because the surface is not necessarily relevant for the knowledge of the depth. The great world needs deep history and superhistory to be understood. You say that you believe to the word but you forget that it’s not a written word not even a mute word but a word which is incarnated and living. So the problem is simple. How is the recognition is possible when you don’t have the revelation. Even next to the word you can see only the sentence, thinking that it’s only a natural word without any symbolism. But the truth is different. It’s always related to the light. But you can be a victim of the shadows of society.