84511 - The revealed book

N. Lygeros

Even if you try to find in the books of the Old Testament and the books of the New Testament, the list of the revealed books, you will not get it. So the problem remains. And there is no easy resolution. So if you need to know it before your reading, you will not be able to discover its truth without explanation. Only the believers who have pure good in their souls will be able to do it. No dogma and no propaganda will help you to see the light. To see signs and wonders, you need to believe in the notion of revelation. It’s a kind of introduction to the faith. You don’t know how you can fall in love but you can do it because you believe that love exists. The problem with the revealed book is only if you believe or not that it exists. If you don’t believe it even if you read it, you will not be prepared and you will not understand the revelation. The book is not made to stay closed. But before the reading, you have to open it. That’s why you have to protect the icons with open books. Because you have the traces of the revealed book.