84512 - The inner light

N. Lygeros

Don’t forget the inner light. If you believe, you have this kind of light and you are not alone on the path. If you have faith, your love will be pure because you need to make something good not only for your siblings but also for unknown persons who need to be helped. And this inner light will support you in this mission. If you ask who ignites this light, the souls will answer to you because they know the story from the start. This inner light exists but it’s like a candle and you need to light it. So don’t wait too much. It’s important for your soul and your time life. It’s a gift that you have to use it. It’s a way to be connected with the network of Mankind. With it you will feel the harmony of the world because your monad will have pieces of it. You aren’t just a chessboard or a goban. The same wood is living in you because it belongs to the tree of life. With him you have the light and the essence to protect this tree.