84513 - The smiles

N. Lygeros

When you don’t know what is the feeling of the souls, don’t ask for anything, just watch their smiles. You thought that the smile is a characteristic of the humans. You never asked for an explanation about that. He knew that the smile is a sign. That’s why he wasn’t waiting for something from them. Their smiles were always sufficient for his mind. When he talked to them, their smiles were their answers. No words, no sentences, only a smile. For many persons it seems normal or even natural. But for him, it’s always a miracle. If you want to understand that, just think about the icons and imagine that they are smiling. Because it’s exactly his vision. For you, what it was natural, now looks supernatural. So as you know the truth with his vision, you can understand what the souls deserve. If you can make someone smile, you will help him in his duty. Because smiles are the first traces of joy and the beginning of the phenomenon of ectasy in faith.