84514 - The memory of the legend

N. Lygeros

He’s not just a legend that someone told you. His existence is the starting point of faith and his life the flashing point. That’s why you remember him for centuries. You are talking about fingerprints but you don’t see the traces of essence. You watch the results of the history but you don’t keep in mind the superhistory. It’s not about a simple book. It’s not only a transcription or even a description of a story. It’s the proof of the existence of superhistory. Beyond the dust of many things, you can find the memory of the legend. Who will love you for centuries. With this memory, your mind will see in a different manner the uniqueness of the universe and the ubiquity of the vacuity. So with your willingness you can activate the power of the faith because you have your inner light. In the network of Humanity, you can be active, it depends only on you. You don’t need to be a prophet or a saint. If you are a believer it’s sufficient for him and he will protect you with his path of light.