84532 - The duality

N. Lygeros

There is no necessity to be the same and the difference is different from the opposition. You don’t need an identity if there is an isomorphism. The comparison is possible when you want to construct a relation. That’s why compatibility is so important. Another deep question is when there is a double compatibility. We can be different and at the same time double compatible which means that we are not talking necessarily about an embedding. The two sets can be the partition of another one but they can have a part of them inside each other. This is a paradigm for an alloy and this is possible for the souls. They understood it and saw that it was efficient with him. This kind of duality is on the path of the light. So it’s compatible also with harmony and perfection. To be together doesn’t mean that we are the same. And when we are the same, we aren’t necessarily together. The souls are in his mind and they live with his essence and his light. Together they create what seems impossible but it’s a sign.