84533 - The power of the alloy

N. Lygeros

The power of the alloy is huge. That’s why the persons think that it’s a force from above. But it’s also due to the inner light. The alloy of souls is more than natural because it’s human. The souls can be alive at the same time, in the same period. It’s a kind of deep love which lives on the link. It’s a shield which protects the souls in the same manner and at the same time because it has essence and light. With the source, the souls can feel the pleasure of the treasure. In this alloy, there is no shadow. Because society has no impact on it. It lives only in the framework of Mankind and in its network. And in this case, that Time is with you, is a fact. So this ontology has been impacted by a new teleology which is able to create even an eschatology beyond all the conventional limits. The revelation is not an abstraction but a way to think of the word as a soul and not only as a body. The souls have the gift of life and they have to valorize it if they want to contribute to the history of Humanity.