84534 - The vamping

N. Lygeros

When you play a vamp, you use a series of chords to create a new feeling as an introduction or an interlude. In any case, the vamping permits you to play quickly a motiv and to be in time even if the piece has a very high speed. It’s a smart trace. Like life which is the trace of the acts of the soul. It looks like an improvisation but when you know the end, you can choose your way and how you will play it. It makes sense, when you understand the deep substrate of this action. This process is for before because you have the knowledge of after. This is a resolution with the use of the backtracking because it’s a kind of feedback but it comes from the mental future with the help of faith. But of course you know all that because you know the etymology of the word. So use it now in an efficient way to make the difference between emptiness and vacuity with your contribution. When you believe you have to share and also to protect the light and the essence of the source.