84535 - The end of dogma

N. Lygeros

The dogma is made to control lives with their body. But when you know that the reference point is the soul and not the life, the dogma has no impact on you. The dogma is a manufactured consensus which totally depends on the society. But it has no relation with Humanity. With the start of the faith, you have the end of the dogma. Religion is too weak against faith. That’s why religion needs always a dogma to preserve itself but believers don’t deserve that. They need faith and nothing less. They need essence and light, nothing more. There is no liberation of souls in the dogma because it wants only slaves. It controls the bodies and with them the lives. But the souls with light are robust and they are too powerful for the dogma which is only the propaganda of a system which wants to exist even if for that it has to kill lives and links. With the end of a dogma the equilibrium is broken and then harmony is possible far away from it.