84536 - The explosion

N. Lygeros

Even if they lost some information, he will be always next to the souls to show another aspect. Because he knows that they want all the faces from the beginning to the end and even after. They don’t want only the icon because they will get only one face. Their desire is the double face. Their passion is in any piece. The hidden face has its own curvature and colour. But the image is only the first step. The souls want the alive picture which has the power to touch them more deeply. Each side has its beauty where it’s a request from the souls. They have the big picture but they also need the details. The close up is alive like a zoom to show the source and the explosion of life which is a new gift from it. They can see the drops of light and they can capture them as they do with the rain of the sun of the night. There is no ordinary day when you believe in light because each day has its essence. This is his generosity for the souls without any restriction