84544 - The offer

N. Lygeros

The offer is always free because it’s the gift of generosity and you don’t have to ask for that. The choice is only a question of subject but the gift is sure. Because it’s how it works with soul. In harmony, there is no restriction as in Paradise where there is no forbidden place for anyone. The graces are not restricted. With the link everything is free with the alloy, everything is harmony. In reality, there is no gift in the classical point of view because in the alloy the two are one. So the gift is in fact the action of complementarity. There is no answer without a question and the question needs an answer. The first exchange is a gift for the gift and the joy for the metajoy. The acceptation of the gift is also a gift. The souls knew it and that’s why they wanted every peace of his light. Because they were already together. For them the gift is sacred because it’s an offer and they know the symbolism of the Eucharist. The offer is a trace of his essence and his light in their communion.