84548 - A believer is not just a follower

N. Lygeros

When you can be influenced so easily by others who don’t have the sufficient knowledge for taking an important decision which is in relation with the respect, don’t be so tough when you criticize the others. Because it means that you aren’t a believer but just a follower who can change his direction to optimize his energy and at the end to take the easy. There is no relation with dignity and duty. It’s just a compromise which is a small act of barbarity. Don’t forget how easy  it’s to do it even without pressure. When your life follows its body and not the soul, at the end it’s the same path than the compromise. But we are here in this world for the souls and nothing less. This is what the souls learned with him. And this is the reason why they  are so free in relation with enclave lives. So remember who was with him at the Crucifixion and don’t waste your time with your critics against the others. Firstly because it’s highly probable that you would belong to them and secondly because only the believers are a paradigm.