84550 - Deeper

N. Lygeros

Way down everybody goes with no advice. But if you know how fundamental they are, you use them because it’s a way to be in God mode. It’s a choice, just a choice. But it’s the choice of truth. For you it’s maybe the choice between red and blue. It’s of course more than that. And you have to know it because after the choice it’s too late. So you get what you deserve. When you go deeper, you learn many things which are known by the souls. To do that you have to accept that everything is not at the surface of the world, as the skin is not the full body. The souls can feel it and that’s why they constitute an alloy with him. Under the surface, you can find the depth but you have to dive, because to swim isn’t sufficient. But to dive, you need to be connected with someone who is outstanding. The souls did it to realize the unthinkable in this century and to continue to be together even after the end. This process is like the sublimation which avoids the internal state of the present, using the bridge between the past and the future.