84563 - If you don’t know, ask

N. Lygeros

If you don’t know, ask. It’s easy. Don’t try something else because it’s advice. You have time and the choice. Even if you don’t know what is pure good, you know now that it exists. And you don’t need to explain it. Consider that it’s a fact. You will see that your vision will change as you will be able to go further. Don’t wait many years to do it. Because it’s important for the soul, in fact for any soul. Of course, all this is new for you. But keep the advice in your mind. Because many things which are unthinkable aren’t understandable without a deep knowledge. And even if you think that your imagination is fantastic, you will discover that reality is far away. But for that you will need to take the path of light to go across the darkness. When you ask something, you learn something. So, if you avoid it, you will miss something which may be important for your life. When you realize that you have to take care of your life because you are a soul, you will get what you deserve. Now you know and you can ask what you want to him.