84565 - Something good

N. Lygeros

Have you ever done something good? That’s the question. Before you had the time to think about it and with life you have the right to do it. There is no reason to misunderstand the message. You just have to read it. But the choice belongs to you. No matter if you think at the beginning that it’s not so important. The crucial point is the contribution. So even small things are important if they are good. Even infinitesimal things can change the world. Pay attention to this if you want to belong to Mankind. To be free is always important but it’s much more important to liberate the others. It’s may be difficult for you to imagine how easy it is to liberate someone from his own jail. Don’t try to open the world without the key. It’s a waste of time and you don’t help the other. By the way, you can ask for the key. It’s not forbidden to have access to a new heuristics. The material you need doesn’t belong exclusively to the present. Think about the bridge between the past and the future.