84566 - Gradual progress

N. Lygeros

Don’t try to do many things. The gradual progress is enough to get more degrees of freedom. Each step forward is also a new opening because Time is not linear. Each step is also a new bifurcation when you make something good. Make your move and you will see the difference. It’s a way to be in the flow which can overcome many difficulties. The flow is by its own a way to be in contact with Mankind, directly from the network of the singularities. The souls know it and use it to communicate their acts in the framework of the whole work. The gradual progress will permit you to see what he calls the hyperbolic hierarchy and its sense in the History of Humanity. Step by step, you will understand that the gradual progress can be an exponential progress. Future starts slowly but with the bifurcations its dimension can be huge. But remember that this flashpoint is possible only after the starting point. So think with this new vision the notion of gradual progress and your own story will change.