84567 - The Bolero

Ν. Λυγερός

The bolero is not only a dance. Even if it was at the beginning very popular, the dance became  obsolete for more than one century but it survived in the academic tradition. After its almost extinction, its rebirth is due to its legacy in the works of classical music. That’s why it’s a nice paradigm for what can be done step by step in the sense of the gradual progress. Because if in one direction the advance is not so important, with its distribution it can go beyond any limit. Something which is simple and also efficient can become complex and robust. This property constitute a paradigm for your progression in Time. You don’t need to rush. The idea is totally different. The choice of good is not related with speed. There is no fast knowledge and the resolution of problems does not depend on the one of exercises. There is no comparison. The Bolero is not an exercise but a decomposable problem, that’s why you can consider it as a construction way to think the complexity. There is no need of brutal force. The faith helps you to valorize the advice and to avoid traps. Your candle has a light.