84574 - The man with empathy

N. Lygeros

She didn’t know him. It was their first meeting in the same town. She was  the owner of a patisserie in a famous corner. Its name was Madeleine. It was like a sign. All the others were closed this day. But it was already in his memory. She was polite with him as usual with every consumer but in their discussion she said that he had empathy even for the patisserie. He noticed but he didn’t say anything. The strange thing was she used this word twice. The second one was at the moment when he paid his duties and it was impressive because her reference was related to a machine. This time he answered that she didn’t know to whom she said that. She was surprised but her smile was gentle. So he explained a detail about mathematics. And then she stopped immediately her reference. He saw it. She had recognised a singularity but she didn’t know that it was an anomaly. For her he was the man with empathy and it was already enough strange. When the souls understood the reality of this contact they smiled like the Joconda of Leonardo da Vinci.