84575 - Don’t skip texts

N. Lygeros

When you say that you study a sacred text it’s important to know if you have everything to get everything. Because sometimes you understand that after you study, you have been abused. It’s not a question of translation but of the number of books. If someone skips texts from the source, your study is based on a faked document because it’s only partial. But the book deserves to be entire. Every skip is not only a move but an act of censorship. If you don’t have the whole book, your interpretation will be biased and of course your rights will be spoiled. But you will have the impression that you are consistent with your free will. In fact no, without knowing it, your contribution will go to the propaganda of the barbarity. And you will be at the end a passive barbarian. So even before your deep study, search and find if the text that you considered, is really the integral text. Because even the true excerpts can be irrelevant without their context. It’s a way to follow the path of light and to get the essence.