84578 - The access to the source

Ν. Λυγερός

The souls know very well how important the access to the source is, because they need the essence and the light. Both of them are important because they are related to the double nature of faith. It’s a way to see Humanity and Time. Te essence refers to Humanity and the light to Time. There is at the same time a human part and a divine part. Many people don’t see this and if they do it, very often they try to minimize the human part. But doing that they hurt the faith and they create a religion which doesn’t have any essence. Its foundations are fake because they don’t have any relation with Mankind. But a faith by its definition has to be for all. It’s universal and not exclusive. It’s made for all the believers. Because faith is an open source. Everybody has the right to participate and to contribute without spoiling this right from the others. This is a fact for the souls but it’s not obvious for the followers who are not yet believers . But the work continues.