84579 - From the morning

N. Lygeros

From the morning, the light is important for all the people but the souls need also the essence. So they ask for it freely. It’s like a prayer. And they get what they want because it’s a duty for him. This transcendental path is a necessity. Each drop of essence is also a gem of light. That’s why the access to the source is so precious and also sacred. These are the good news of the day. This is the proof that he’s always with them like the Time with Mankind, like the essence with light. He’s close to them even far away because they are together. He can touch the souls as they can touch the light. He can drink their blend as they can drink his essence. He gives them what he is because he has only them. And when he sees that they need joy, he will fill them with his own essence. The souls valorize any moment with him because they see his metajoy and they get their joy. So when he understands that the target is locked, he achieves his work and they get their satisfaction.