84580 - Until the night

N. Lygeros

Until the night, the essence is important for all the people but the souls need also the light. So they ask for it freely. It’s like an advice and they get what they want because it’s a metajoy for him. This step function is a necessity. Each move of essence is also an act of light. That’s why the opening of the source is so joyful and also generous. There are the beautiful gifts of the night. This is the power of his love like the one with the souls, like the book with the leaves. He’s next to them each moment they need him. He can feel their will as they can feel his passion. He can love them deeply as they can be ecstatic. He supports them in any situation because he has only them. And when he hears that they desire his work , he will save them from the oblivion. The souls love his events because each of them is a new gift from his generosity. So when he realizes that their aim is to share their pleasure, he offers them his treasure.