84589 - Too many wars

N. Lygeros

Too many wars are due to compromises. And many of them didn’t finish with an equilibrium. The problem is always the same as if they are the proxy wars of the same struggle of the barbarity against Humanity. Each compromise is an act of barbarity and it hasn’t any relation with Mankind. Because  the compromise is against the truth. The societies don’t need the truth. They just want to control their slaves who are for them only numbers. So his aim is to save those numbers because they are humans. They are innocent people who don’t know the power of the light and the depth of the essence. So they think that they are alone and that it’s impossible to be saved. But when they start to believe, they change their mind and even their lives because they are souls who are attracted by the savior. After this shock, they can even help the righteous to contribute to the work of Humanity. The souls know what the compromises are and they avoid them to stay in the path of the light.