84590 - When you believe

N. Lygeros

The souls are here from the beginning but they have to believe. Before they are alone in the space and they don’t know that the most important is the Time. This is the contact with the light and then they need the relation with the essence. The first stops the fears, the second stops the tears. From that point, it’s the creation of the link with the duration. The process is constructive but each step is transcendental. It’s tough because there is no return but also cool because there is an evolution. He offers the truth to the souls and this makes possible the blend and the alloy. The first with the light and the second for the essence. When you believe you don’t see just the bread and the wine because they know the transubstantiation. But the deep truth is that both are made by Humanity. With that the body and the blood are the essence and the light. The code is clear with the notion of blend and alloy. But this is a fact only for the souls who are linked with the one.