84591 - When the souls hold the essence

N. Lygeros

The souls can see his light but they want also to hold his essence. The first is possible to everyone but the second needs an exchange and with that they know what he means. The contact is light, the relation is heavy like the beauty and the link is deep like the love. It’s a way to learn his work. It’s a path in the darkness which conducts to the word. It’s beyond the advice because it’s after the realization. It’s the continuity of the work via the acts. They are always free to follow and to ask what they want. This is the combination which is related to the free will. He gives them all because this is the foundation of the faith. There is no restriction, no dogma, no forbidden things, only the duty to make something good for the innocents who need help because they are unable to save themselves by their own. But the duty is not an order, it’s just a question of conscience. So when the souls hold the essence, they are enlightened and they can be receptive to the revelation as a gift of the deep truth.