84602 - The fire of passion

N. Lygeros

Before him,
they thought that they knew the meaning of love
but it was just an illusion.
They discovered it with the fire of passion.
For them everything was totally new.
Any comparison was impossible.
It wasn’t just the next reality
but the reality after the bifurcation.
He wasn’t a new vertex
but a network.
And this was the same for his love.
It wasn’t like anything else.
And they could feel it with their bodies.
His body and his blood was an alive gift.
But it was beyond giftness.
And they knew every of its part.
Even with that
when they felt his light and his essence
the difference was so huge
that they realized that they lived a sign.
But only after they understood
how wonderful it was.
And his passion embedded
their desires.