84639 - The new opening

N. Lygeros

– Did you expect that?
– Of course not, it was inevitable…
– You mean amazing…
– He found something totally new.
– He had the freedom to do it.
– But for us, it’s pure serendipity.
– Because we found what we weren’t looking for.
– It’s even better like this.
– Why?
– It was a new kind of gift.
– For sure.
– And I’m just saying that it was impossible for us to ask him to do that.
– And he did it on his own.
– It was like an alive painting.
– With our willingness.
– As if he knew it.
– Did you say something?
– Are you kidding me?
– So it was his imagination.
– It was so natural for him.
– As if he felt us.
– And he did it.