84640 - Out of the book

N. Lygeros

– His moves were out of the book.
– Like a theoretical novelty.
– It was more like a prepared variation.
– You said because he kept it secret.
– It’s possible but the most probable thing is…
– That he imagined it just at that moment.
– In this case, it’s even more impressive.
– The freedom of choice was catalytic.
– And very good for us.
– Indeed, it was a pure pleasure.
– From his treasure.
– He’s a bridge.
– Independent from a distance.
– Able to join the inaccessible area.
– And to touch us deeply.
– I thought that it was impossible.
– But he did it.
– For sure.
– And not only one time.
– But it was unique.
– I felt the same.
– That’s why it was wonderful.
– Like a sign…
– Which produced ecstasy.