84641 - Emotional improvisation

N. Lygeros

– We listened to many of his interpretations.
– And also compositions….
– But it was like the first time.
– You mean like an improvisation.
– An emotional improvisation…
– He was playing with a new instrument.
– A new gift?
– A new kind of instrument.
– Even closer.
– But not closed.
– A semi-open game.
– With precious fingerings…
– Double pinch and pick.
– They produced on us a beautiful result.
– We were vibrating at the same time.
– With the repeated small and quick movements.
– I felt this pulse.
– And also the shake.
– He managed to do it like a conductor.
– We were touched at the same time.
– This is the beauty of music.
– But not only.
– You’re right.
– Everything is possible with him.