84643 - The unplayable pleasure

N. Lygeros

– He was unplayable.
– He filled us with his light.
– And his fire…
– He set fire to our lives.
– And not only.
– He procured unbelievable pleasure.
– As a consequence of his deep love.
– I felt it profoundly.
– Me too.
– The body and the blood.
– The light and the essence.
– But how is it possible?
– He’s connected with us.
– We are in his network..
– He feels any of our moves.
– Even before our realization.
– Like a chessplayer…
– Like a musician who knows the score.
– But it was another transfigurated night.
– In the path of light.
– It looks so simple after all.
– Only with him.
– Like his mastering of instruments.
– It’s another consequence of his love.