84652 - The energy of love

N. Lygeros

– Do you feel the energy of His love?
– With all my body.
– It’s a way to clean the souls.
– That’s why it touches us so deeply.
– Even to think about that, I’m smiling.
– What do you mean?
– Every of his moves is a gift for us…
– I agree.
– For the same reason, we realize how important we are for him.
– He puts us in the world of Mankind.
– It recalls me the City…
– Leibniz…
– Exactly.
– The pleasure of faith…
– The goal of love…
– Beyond any equilibrium…
– Pure good of harmony.
– We are compatible.
– He’s confirmed.
– And the link makes everything possible.
– In his essence, we see our traces.
– The presence of our graces.
– The proof of His love.